University Of Maryland

UMD or University of Maryland, College Park was founded in 1856 and is the one of the largest university in the state today and the largest in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Offering 127 undergraduate and 112 graduate degrees and has thirteen different colleges and schools. The University of Maryland tied for the 60th spot in the National Universities rankings of 2017 by U.S. News & World Report. UMD ranked at number 20 among the public universities. The school has ranked 1st in the Boren Scholarship recipients for a third consecutive year in 2014.

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Supplement Questions & Answers Asked
Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.

Sample Answer:
I had never had pets before I was fourteen. I liked animals but the thought of having to keep one at home and taking care of it, being responsible for it and cleaning after it just made tired. I already helped my dad around the house as it was just the two of us and adding a third being would be tough for both of us. When I was fourteen, my neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Gill had to go visit their daughter. Having no family or close friends in the city (they were new) they did not know what to do with their cat, Polka. I had met them and the cat a few times here and there and so asked my dad if we could take care of it. It was just going to be for a week anyway. No harm in that. My dad agreed a little reluctantly so it was decided that we were going to keep Polka for a week. Mrs. Gill gave me the necessary instructions about what to feed it and where to keep its little bed. The cat was properly trained so cleanliness was not a problem. On the first day of the new guest in our house, it kept to the one sofa where Mrs. Gill had put it. I did not interact with it much either except stare at it constantly. At night I put its food in the bowl near its bed. Later that night I went out to have a sip of water and saw Polka sleeping. It was so fascinating. That was when I knew I had to make an effort to know the cat. The next day I went to it and gave it food and patted its head a little. Soon enough it was climbing on me and sitting with while I watched TV. We had become friends. We were no longer strangers trying to adjust to the presence of each other. By the fifth day the cat slept in my bed with me. I had become so used to its presence that when day seven, the last day came, I actually had forgotten that Polka had to go. That It was not my responsibility anymore. To even think that I could have ever thought of such an innocent being as a responsibility broke my heart. I knew then that this cat and this experience had changed me. I was more caring now. The wall that I had built around me, separating me from all the sweet little things of life had finally been broken. There were tears that day. Tears of happiness and sadness and realization. I figured it was okay to be sensitive. You did not always have to be tough in life. It was okay to love and to be loved. It was okay to get attached to someone or something. This experience made me a more caring person and I love how I am today.

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Describe a time when you made a meaningful contribution to others in which the greater good was your focus. Discuss the challenges and rewards of making your contribution.

Sample Answer :
This past year, when I was a senior in high school, my dad decided to clean the attic. It was not exactly an attic but was more of a room where we had stuffed all the things which we did not need anymore. It had never occurred to us that we could throw the things away too. That one spare bedroom was our bank of old and useless things. Anyway, that one fine morning we got up, had breakfast and got to work. I cannot even tell you the things that came out of that room. From Barbie doll heads to broken piano keys, we had “saved” everything. We started dividing the things into three piles. The “trash” pile was full fairly soon. The “keeper” pile contained just two or three things. The “give away” pile had nothing in it. Nothing was in a condition to be given to other people until we opened the box labeled books. As soon as I opened it I felt nostalgia. These were my bedtime stories and all my favorite books from when I was younger than seven. I immediately knew I wanted to give these books to someone who deserved them. Someone who could not buy them otherwise. And that someone could be found in the orphanage located just near our home. Sure I could sell these books to the old book bank and someone who could afford them would buy them but money is not everything. Sometimes looking at the big picture is much more important than considering your own benefits. I collected all the books and made a new box for them. The next day I drove down to the orphanage and met the supervisor there. When I told her what I wanted to do she informed me that giving donations had a whole process that needed to be followed. I was a little taken aback as I wanted to meet the kids and give them the books myself. After having a long discussion with the supervisor I had to show her each and every book and only then did she let me meet the kids and hand out the books to them. The time I spent with the kids was wonderful. They loved all the books and some of them even read them out loud. I was so happy and proud of them and myself. I had accomplished something new and exciting. The feeling I got when I gave them the books was surreal. You just feel at peace. You feel content and that is perhaps the biggest reward one can get. I went home that night and peeked into the now empty attic spare room. Of all the things that I had ever done, this was one I would always remember as being the best.

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Has there been a time when you've had a long-cherished or accepted belief challenged? How did you respond? How did the challenge affect your beliefs?

Sample Answer :
Growing up with just my dad around, I always assumed I would not be normal. I would not be as well mannered as the other kids. I would not be as accomplished as other kids. I would just not be enough. How could I be enough when I did not have a mom to guide me? To teach me things? My dad had to work long hours to earn for us both and that left very little time for the two of us to spend together. I am not saying that what he did was not good enough. Definitely no! He was, is and will always be the best dad in the world but I was young and I could not help but miss the fact that I did not have a mom. In the first year of high school we had a couple of exchange students from Germany. I was made to guide them around school and make them feel welcome. After spending two days with them I learned they were friendly and we got to talking. It turned out, they were actually amazing people and so full of interesting stories to tell and new ideas to share. I loved people like that. People whom I could learn from. It somehow relaxed my assumption of not being well enough to fit in the world. One day while we were having lunch together, one of the exchange students asked me if we could have a group study session together at my house. I usually did not invite people over fearing that I would not be a good enough host. Hosting was something that I had never really learned. This time however I had no choice and agreed to the idea of having German guests at my house. We decided on a Saturday. When the day arrived I was a nervous wreck. I managed to clean the whole house, got some Mac and Cheese cooking and got ready for my guests. My dad made a really good Mac and Cheese and he had taught me the basics on the occasions when we would have dinner together. When my friends came they immediately complimented on how beautifully set my TV lounge was. We sat down to study in there. I did not even notice how the time passed. I was having a great time. All my worry was gone. I was relaxed. After finishing our work we went to the kitchen where I had already set the table for food. We got to eating and I was actually surprised when one of the girls said that this was the best Mac and Cheese she had ever tasted. Later when everyone had left I sat down on the sofa and I cried. I knew then that I was enough. That I was good enough. That all my beliefs of not being normal because I never had a mom to guide me were wrong. I missed my mom and I would always miss her but that did not mean that I was in some way not fit to adjust and to live.

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What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? What's the best part? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend (assuming they would listen to you)?

Sample Answer :
Perhaps the hardest part of being a teenager now is the ton of responsibility that comes with the word “teenager”. Nowadays when everything is moving at such a fast pace, we as teenagers, do not really get time to experience our life as a teenager but are immediately treated as adults. We are given adult responsibilities and are made to deal with them and needless to say how we deal with them is not the best way. What our parents and elders do not understand is that we are still young and inexperienced. They cannot expect us to be perfect and to control everything like they do. I think when you turn thirteen you are actually in the first year of a long process of growth and development. Not just physical development but also mental growth. The growth that makes us mature and wise. When this growth is interrupted with constant responsibilities and complaints about how those responsibilities are not being handled in the right way, the whole process is disrupted. This affects the life of a teenager as a teenager. With all the problems that come with being a teenager there are also some perks which make our life exciting. The best part of being a teenager now is the fact that we live in a time where there are new discoveries and inventions that are so much more fun and thrilling. We get to witness a period which has given the world things that were not there before. Going back twenty years the teenagers of that time did not have the facilities that we do. We are blessed in so many ways. This technology has blessed us and made our life easy in unimaginable ways. There is everything for everyone. There is a freedom of choice and people can choose whatever they want to. For people who love arts you can fit in anywhere, for individuals who have a gist for music there is always something to look forward to. This is an era where everything is possible. We are blessed in many ways. As teenagers we can be great. For anyone who is young and has not joined the teenager years yet, I would like them to take time out and to think about what they want to do. Whether it is with their life as a whole or with each individual hour. This self realization is extremely important. You do not want to jump into your teenagers unaware of what it is that you really want. I am not saying that one should decide immediately, but one should have an idea at least. Life is too chaotic to live it in an unplanned way so concentrate on your goals and be the best version of yourself.

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